Alex Cazo


A Miami native, Alex was born into the construction industry. Learning under the tutelage of his father, a local architect and developer, Alex was groomed to understand building from first-draft drawings all the way to the ribbon-cutting ceremonies. He saw at a young age the intricacies, difficulties, and long-term planning that go into construction and development.

Upon graduating from Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Alex attended Florida International University where he graduated with a degree in Business Management. From there Alex was off and running learning the ropes at the Cazo Group, his family’s development company, where Alex ran the real estate division for several years. Here Alex gained first-hand experience dealing with clients, assessing their needs, and delivering them the home that would provide the roof over their heads for years to come.

After manning the ship at Cazo Group Alex decided to shift his attention to his long-time passion of landscaping. South Florida’s luscious plants and gardens proved to be a better fit for his outdoor nature. Alex was able to parlay his knowledge in development, and bring a big-picture; client-friendly mentality to an industry long known for it’s here today/gone tomorrow type trade. The end result of it all…. ONE SEED.

When Alex is not overseeing your lawn and helping you build your dream home he can be found collecting rare photographs, funky art, and chasing his young daughters, Sophia and Alexis.


Alex Cazo